For information on licensing requirements regarding the collection and sale of sandalwood seed and wood contact:

Department of Biodiversity, Conservation  and Attractions

Locked Bag 30, Bentley Delivery Centre WA 6983

p: 08 9219 9836

sandalwood nuts trio


For details of Santalum spicatum (Australian Sandalwood) seed available to purchase through the network, or if you would like to be included in our sellers list, please contact the Australian Sandalwood Network on 0409 681 655 or email .

Average price for seed is approx $20 per kg for plantation establishment but you may pay more for good provenance. Lower quality seed for oil extraction and production of food products may be from $4 – $5 per kilo.

For all those selling seed, please ensure you have the correct licenses.

Contact the Australian Sandalwood Cooperativhttp://www.sandalwood,coop if you have seed to sell.

The following information is useful especially  for seed for plantation establishment

  • Quantity for sale
  • Provenance (if any)
  • Year seed picked
  • Tree form


At age 5 years, the parasitic requirements of sandalwood trees greatly affect the survival and performance of the host. A sandalwood-to-host ratio of 1:1 will place too much stress on the host. At sandalwood aged 2 years, the sandalwood-to-host ratio should be 1:2 or 1:3. Therefore an area with 1000 jams ha-1 should have no more than 400 sandalwood ha-1, at age 2 years. This may require selective thinning of sandalwood throughout the area to achieve the right balance.

Reference: Guide to Growing Sandalwood Plantations in Western Australia prepared by John Brand, Forest Products Commission in association with the Australian Sandalwood Network.